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About Thandazile Mtetwa

About us

Thandazile Mtetwa

PS 0114758 | PR 0475459

MA Clinical Psychology (University of South Africa)
BA Honours – Psychology (University of South Africa)
BA  (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville)

I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I am passionate about creating an environment where individuals, couples, and families can be assisted to navigate the difficult parts of their journey. The mantra ‘Empowered to empower’ drives my understanding that when clients have been empowered in therapy, they in turn can be able to empower others.

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My Work

I view individuals as whole beings who are part of a system. Therefore, my approach to therapy considers the individual as well as the context where the individual exists. I work with individuals (preferably adults), couples, and families. Since 2017, I have worked in a psychiatric hospital, focusing on the neuropsychiatry and psycho-geriatrics, as well as the intellectually impaired. As such, my therapeutic engagement is also extended to the elderly population and the intellectually impaired adults with mild forms of psychopathology.

My areas of interest are:  Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD; Grief and loss; Stress Management and Life Transitions.

I also have a special interest medico-legal work which I have been practicing since 2013. This includes psychological and neuropsychological assessments for personal injury claims (road accidents, medical negligence, unlawful arrests), and assessments for suitability to work, writing of reports, and appearing in court where necessary.

As an addition to my qualification, I am inclined towards Christian faith, and are able to assist individuals who want to merge their psychological journey with their spirituality, specifically, Christian. This aspect only features if and when brought through by the client.

“None of us is a chain, but we are all links of a chain.”

Dr. C. Swindoll

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