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Virtual Therapy

Virtual or online therapy is an option for individual’s who prefer this type of contact due to accessibility and convenience.

Virtual or online therapy is an option for individual’s who prefer this type of contact due to accessibility and convenience. Online therapy works best with a stable internet connection in a private, quiet setting. We predominantly connect through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, depending on individual preference.

All our therapist’s offer virtual therapy – please contact us if you cannot find a suitable timeslot with a specific therapist via the booking system.

Online Sessions

Virtual Therapy

Online therapy can be rewarding and is rather convenient, so long as you have a private space where you can connect.

Get Started

Prepare For Your First Therapy Session

Step 1

Find a psychologist

The therapeutic relationship is such an important indicator of success in therapy. This means that you must feel comfortable with the connection between yourself and your psychotherapist. It can help to do some research and choose a psychologist who is qualified (Masters degree in the field of Psychology) and who has direct experiences with your specific concerns.

Step 2

Why therapy?

A likely question mental health professionals ask when they meet a patient/client is what brought them to therapy. This is helpful for the psychologist to plan the way forward.

Step 3

The first session

The first session with your psychologist might feel a bit awkward. Rest assured, your psychologist is an educated and skilled mental health practitioner who will gently guide the first session, if need be.

Step 4


You might have spoken to your psychologist or their office staff before your initial session to learn more about the logistics of therapy. If there are any uncertainties, the first session is the time to ask questions.

Step 5

Be open & honest

Keep in mind that transparency is vital in the success of therapy. For your psychologist to help, they need to know what you are experiencing. Psychologists are not there to judge you. They chose this profession to help improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Step 6

Managing expectations

Your initial session will probably be a little different from the rest. Your psychologist does not know much about you yet, so they will likely ask you many questions as they start to understand your concerns.

Step 7

Therapy is not a quick fix

It’s important to have realistic expectations for the therapeutic process in general and your first session specifically. It takes time to gain clarity and work through the concerns of the past, present, and future. You are, however, not alone in this journey.

Schedule a session

Online and in-person therapy sessions available